tdr0890_Went over the “Cats”? “Lion King” that break the record of the most numbers of performances in Japan


On March 24th 2013, “Lion King” break the record of “Cats”, which is a musical that hold the most numbers of performances in Japan. As of March 24th the number of performances of “Cats” is 8449 performances and Lion King achieved 8450 performances on March 24th.

Don’t under estimate that Lion King only winning with one performance.

In that year “Cats” was celebrating 30th anniversary, but “Lion King” was celebrating only half of that, 15th anniversary. Therefore, “Lion King” break the record of “Cats” with half speed.

This is incredible achievement.

On the March 24th performance, which is the day Lion King break the record of cats, special curtain call was held at Tokyo and Osaka at the same time.

During the curtain call, the closed curtain went up again.

When the sun rises on savanna stage the word of “Thank you Japan’s No.1 8450 performances 2013.3.24″ came up inside the run and applause and cheer came from the audience.

This is quite a show.

About 2 years from that, “Lion King” finally achieved a huge record of 10,000 performances in Japan on July 15th 2015.

It is exciting to see if there will be a musical that will break this record or how the “Lion King” extend the record.

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