tdr0881_Osamu Tezuka made “Bambi” and “Pinocchio” into manga?


Osamu Tezuka is a master of manga industry that he is the first person who made story manga and a person who made the basic of nowadays manga expression.

He has made many famous works such as “Phoenix”, “Jungle Emperor”, “Black Jack”, and “Astro Boy” and still has huge influence even after his death, so he is a manga artist that Japan proud to present.

During his life he self-appointed “Disney mania” that he loved Disney films.

Since he watched Disney film for the first time at age of 9 he was so into it that he watched “Snow White” over 50 times and watched “Bambi” over 80 times at cinema, so he repeatedly traced Disney characters and he said the quality of the drawing became superb that I want to send it to Disney”.

Such Osamu Tezuka who is a “Disney mania” made Disney film “Bambi” and “Pinocchio” into manga without permission and issued in the past.

It is prohibited now, but at that time idea towards copyright was not too strict.

At first he made “Bambi”, which was his favorite into manga and issued from Tsuru Shobo on November 10th 1951. It was sold with B6 sized 80 pages $0.90 (at rate of back then).

The story or the background is familiar with Disney, but it contains Osamu’s unique techniques that drawing it self is not completely copied from Disney that it is drawn uniquely.

Next, he made “Pinocchio” into manga. It was issued by Toumeido on June 5th 1952 and was sold with B6 sized 128 pages with $1.00 (at rate of back then). The copyright itself is with Disney, but it contains so much of uniqueness of Osamu that it could see as Disney work or Osamu’s work.

Because it was made in such time and manga was produced by ignoring the copyright people thought it wouldn’t reissue for long time.

But in 2005, Disney asked, so it reissued finally. Many Osamu fans were surprised and overwhelmed about this news.

Even it cannot be done now, it is such a rare work that master of Japanese manga industry and animation that leads the world collaborated.

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