tdr0863_Which dream words in Disney films do you want to visit?


Mynavi Corporation, a company famous for its employment support business, carried out a questionnaire titled “Which dream world in Disney films do you want to visit the most?” (multiple answers allowed), targeting 450 female and 403 male Mynavi news members from January 11 to 16, 2013.

Top 5 answers and comments by males and females are shown below.


1st: Neverland (Peter Pan) 32.0%
– “Want to fly around to explore the Mermaid Lagoon and the forest.”
– “Want to remain a child forever and get the fairy dust to fly in the sky.”

2nd: Cinderella Castle (Cinderella) 22.7%
– “Yearned to visit the castle when I was a child.”
– “Want to enjoy the gorgeous party at the castle.”

3rd: Wonderland (Alice in Wonderland) 21.3%
– “Want to be Alice and have a mysterious experience.”
– “Want to join the tea party.”

4th: Hundred Acre Wood (Winnie-the-Pooh) 17.1%
– “Want to take a walk and relax in the forest with Winnie-the-Pooh and Christopher Robin.”
– “Want to meet the strange animals in the Hundred Acre Wood.”

5th: Under the sea (Little Mermaid) 16.2%
– “Want to be some fish character because I love the ocean.”
– “The place has a beautiful scenery and nice atmosphere.”

– Monsters, Inc. (Monster’s Inc.) “Must be fun to work with the monsters.”
– Beast’s Castle (Beauty and the Beast) “Want to sing, dance and talk with the tableware/furniture characters.”
– Agrabah Palace (Aladdin) “Want to explore the Arabian palace once. Want to live there with a maid.”


1st: Neverland (Peter Pan) 21.8%
– “In the dream world for children, I’d feel like a child.”
– “Want to fly around with Peter Pan.”

2nd: Wonderland (Alice in Wonderland) 13.7%
– “It’s a typical fantastic world where I can enjoy the extraordinary.”
– “Want to explore deep areas of Wonderland which does not even appear in the film.”

3rd: Cinderella Castle (Cinderella) 12.9%
– “Want to see how magnificent it is.”
– “Want to see and feel the real Cinderella Castle.”

4th: Hundred Acre Wood (Winnie-the-Pooh) 10.7%
– “Want to enjoy a slow life.”
– “Everything seems to be slow there.”

5th: The Black Pearl (Pirates of the Caribbean) 7.7%
– “Want to board it with Jack Sparrow because I’m a big fan of him.”
– “Want to feel what being a pirate is like.”

– Beast’s Castle (Beauty and the Beast) “Want to taste the cuisine with a princess in the old castle with beautiful nature.”
– Geppeto’s house (Pinocchio) “Want to have a close look at how Pinocchio becomes a real boy.”
– Forest (Bambi) “Cute Bambi and the forest with rich nature will make me feel relaxed and happy.”

Interestingly, the same places ranked in the top 4 in the results from men and women, though the orders were a little bit different.

The results seem to show that people long for a slow world with dream and adventure, apart from the reality.

This may indicate that many people are under much stress in daily lives.

Though these worlds do not exist, why don’t you have a simulated experience in the dreamland when you are stressed out?

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