tdr0851_Exactly look the same? Existing Carl and Russell


Do you know anybody who looks the same as the characters of anime, manga, or other even they are nothing to do with it?

I am sure you don’t really meet the person who look “exactly the same” that you get amazed even there are times meeting a person “who looks bit similar”.

But world is so huge and there are people who look exactly the same as the animated characters.

So, today I would like to introduce people who look exactly the same as “Carl” who is the main character of Pixar film “Up” and Wilderness Explorer boy “Russell”.

They both are famous lookalike on Internet.

It is clear how they look exactly the same when even looking at it beside each other.

With Carl, he is so lookalike that he even makes us think Carl’s eyes, shape of nose, or shape of head is made up having him as a model. With Russell, small chubby body, lovely rounded eyes, and pale skin… he is Russell himself.

When them meeting together live-action film of Up is not impossible.

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