tdr0849_Character that completely cut lines on film “Pinocchio”


Feature length animated film “Pinocchio” was released on February 7th 1940 (May 17th 1952 in Japan).

It is a story about doll with life “Pinocchio” grows up while confused by various temptations and “there is a character that completely cut the lines even after recording the lines”.

That character is partner or fox imposter “J. Washington Foulfellow”, “Gideon”.

He is a small blunderer cat and has “hiccups” when drink alcohol. During the film voice of his that has been used was only part of “hiccups” and other lines never used.

But why his lines were completely cut even it was recorded?

The reason was because Walt thought “he is a character that doesn’t need lines”.

Taking circumstances of film “Pinocchio” and characters approaching each other he ended up coming to an conclusion of character without lines is needed, so he decided to cut all the lines of Gideon.

I am sure there are people who think Gideon should have no lines from the first, but it is common thing to have different ideas or coming up with new ideas during production.

It is a necessary decision to make the film better.

By the way voice actor who did Gideon’s voice “Mel Branc” also did “Figaro’s” voice which is beloved cat of Geppetto, so it doesn’t mean his voice doesn’t appear at all during film.

Although I am sure he was in shock when realizing his lines that have been recorded weren’t used.

Disney film that makes the lines disappear all the sudden when even getting offered as voice actor.

It is quite a strict world.

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