tdr0838_Performance fee that Johnny Depp got on 4th series of “Pirates of the Caribbean”


Releasing date of 5th series of newest film was decided in 2017 and Pirates of the Caribbean’s popularity never gets low.

How much of performance fee “Johnny Depp” who plays the role of main character of such popular film “Jack Sparrow” gets?

With 4th series Pirates of the Caribbean On Stranger Tides” that released in 2011 Johnny Depp’s performance fee was about $55.5 million.

It seems he received on November 15th 2009.

Even it is popular series or famous actor isn’t it way too high? But it seems there was a deal?

Actually since the president of Disney Studio, Dick Cook retired who he relied on there was possibility of Johnny Depp not appearing from the next film.

So, production showed high performance fee and made him join the film after, but this is not certain.

Either way it is such a price that ordinary people cannot imagine.

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