tdr0830_Director of live-action film “Cinderella” suddenly left the spot? Why?


Live-action film “Cinderella” was released on March 13th 2015 (April 25th 2015 in Japan).

It earned $67.90 million on the first weekend and it acquired 1st place on the ranking of weekend box office even it is the first time appearing in public.

“Kenneth Branagh” who is also famous as an actor directed this film.

It is not over exaggerated to say this film became a hit, because of his genius performance.

But actually some other director was going to be in charge of this film than “Kenneth Branagh”.

That person is “Mark Romanek”.

Much expectation was gathered on him once he was selected, but due to some reason he had to give the spot to Kenneth.

But how come he had to do so?

That reason was because “he was going to make the fairy tale to a dark story”.

Cinderella is such a worldwide famous fairy tale, but he made the story dark and was trying to create totally different Cinderella.

Due to these matters of opinion on creative side, so Disney made Mark to leave the spot of director and soon Kenneth was selected as a new director.

To make the worldwide famous fairy tale to a dark story… Mark has quite a unique mind.

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