tdr0804_”3D film” that was released before releasing Monsters University


“Monsters, Inc.” is a feature length full computer graphic animation film that Disney and Pixar produced together.

It was released on November 2nd 2001 (March 2nd 2002 in Japan) and became a huge hit that it achieved box office more than $500 million. It became popular film that represents Pixar.

After 12 years of June 21st 2013 sequel to the series “Monsters University” was released (July 6th 2013 in Japan) and the way it gathered many attention is still fresh in mind.

Anyway, since the sequel released “Monsters, Inc.” popularity never decreases, but before releasing the new film “Monsters University” certain film was released.

The film that released before the new film was “Monsters, Inc. 3D”.

As the title says it is 3D version of first series film.

It was released on February 9th 2013.

“Monsters, Inc.” originally have high definition, so the images were beautiful, but with newest technology it became more beautiful and it became more realistic with 3D glasses.

On June 19th 2013, Blue-ray of “Monsters, Inc. 3D” started to sell to let people to enjoy easily at home if there is a 3D TV and Blue-ray player.

Bonus disc and 2D of original film comes with 3D and with bonus disc “Partysaurus Rex”, which was released at the same time “Finding Nemo” released is recorded for the first time.

It is such a great item for Pixar fans.

It is not playing at the cinema anymore, but it is great that it can be seen anytime with Blu-ray.

If you are a Pixar fan and haven’t seen it then how about getting one?

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