tdr0789_Little Green Men have appeared in other Pixar film?


“Little Green Men (aliens)” is a green character that appears in Pixar’s popular film “Toy Story” series.

They always act as a group, always having smile on the face, pure, doing things at their own pace, and having three eyes and this character is gathering popularity almost same as the main characters such as “Woody” in Japan.

Because of that popularity they were used again in “Toy Story 2″, which was not planned then they appeared in “Toy Story 3″ after that, but actually this Little Green Men have appeared other film than “Toy Story” series in the past.

That film is “Finding Nemo”, which is a film about kid and parent of anemone fish at Grade Barrier Reef.

This film is a feature length full computer graphic animated film that Pixar produced and there is a scene they appear on the screen.

They appeared on the scene of dentist’s lobby where main character “Nemo” was captured.

One of certificates that is hanged on the wall of the lobby there is one says ” Pixar University School of Dentistry” and there is Little Green Men wearing academic dress on school badge in the middle of certificate.

They are hiding so well that it is hard to spot on.

By the way, the name of “Philip Sharman” who captured Nemo is of course on the certificate.

Pixar’s persistence that never compromise even on one scene or background that only shows for few seconds can be seen.

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