tdr0774_White Rabbit that appear in Alice in Wonderland costume


“Alice in Wonderland” is a film released on July 28th 1951.

The story starts from main character “Alice” seeing White Rabbit running having pocket watch in his hand.

Alice was so interested in White Rabbit wearing red jacket and orange waistcoat.

And she fell in the hole while running behind the hurried White Rabbit and stepping in the wonderland….Do you know how White Rabbit looks like when he appears the next?

This White Rabbit has strong image of wearing waistcoat, but in wonderland he is totally different.

The way he looks is town crier with Elisabeth collar and heart emblem.

This is not just with Disney version that even with original work of “Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland (by Lewis Carroll) the White Rabbit with waistcoat appears as town crier in chapter 2.

Town crier role has weak image that it is quite different from him wearing waistcoat.

Please check it closely when watching “Alice in Wonderland”.

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