tdr0772_Disney musical performed by Shiki Theatrical Company


When asking “which Disney musical Shiki Theatrical Company performed before?” I am sure many people would say “Lion King”, which is performing for long time. It has been performed for over 17 years since the first show, so it is quite understandable the reason this comes in mind first.

Anyway, I am sure there is many people know, but Shiki Theatrical Company has performed more than “Lion King”.

As of July 2015, Shiki Theatrical Company has performed 5 Disney musicals.

1: Beauty and the Beast
Premier _Place: November 24th 1995_Akasaka Musical Theatre
Note: Reached 5000 performances with matinee on October 4th 2014

2: Lion King
Premier _Place: December 20th 1998_Shiki Theater [Spring]
Note: Reached 10,000 performances in total of performance in Japan on July 15th 2015.

Premier _Place: December 21st 2003_Osaka MBS Theatre
Note: Musical that Disney produced based on opera “Aida”.

4: The Little Mermaid
Premier _Place: April 7th 2013_Shiki Theatre [Summer]
Note: Japanese version is produced based on European version.

5: Aladdin
Premier _Place: March 15th 2015_Dentsu Shiki Theatre [Sea]
Note: Total number of sold ticket for premier was 21.5000. (Highest ever turnover for the theatre.)

Disney has full of famous films, so may be more Disney animation film of musical will come out.

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