tdr0744_Propaganda film that Donald playing main character, “Der Fuehrer’s Face”


“Propaganda” is a publicity stunt that is to guide specific idea or behavior.

During war, every country used propaganda to boost up public’s fighting spirits.

America is one of the countries that used propaganda and Walt Disney created that propaganda film.

That film is short film called “Der Fuehrer’s Face” that Donald Duck played main character.

It is a 8 minutes film that released as 43rd Donald series film on January 1st 1943.

The story begins with song “Die Meistersinger von Nürnberg”, which is Wagnar’s music drama that Hitler loved.

A band that marches Nachiland (a town in motif of Germany) from early morning. The band was full of important person of enemy countries of America such as Hideki Tojo, Hermman Göring, and Heinrich Himmler and the symbol mark of Nazi’s “Hakenkreuz” was everywhere in town.

Donald was living in that town and in simple house, but there was not freedom that he would wake up by force, salute for picture of Hitler or Emperor Showa, get change to Nazi’s military uniform, and forced labor at weapons factory after having bread hard as wood, so it is so cruel.

And labor environment is so cruel that shift work system of 48 hours a day and produce shell and even made to listen propaganda that praise Hitler that doesn’t want to hear when working. During that time he couldn’t bear the situation of creating weapons like bullets, so he escaped fantasy world at last.

But that was all Donald’s dream.

Donald was just sleeping wearing Stars and Stripes pajama. When Donald realized it all happened in his dream and pleased that he is an American citizen again then the story ends.

Even it is 8 minutes long this “Der Fuehrer’s Face” became a strong propaganda film that everyone would think.

Walt himself he wanted to become one of Red Cross unit during World War I, so that is how much he loved his own country, so it is understandable this kind of film that despise enemy country is created.

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