tdr0743_Disney released color film first in the world?


Walt Disney Company created a possibility of animation and developed the animation.

Walt Disney Company always challenging new things and made achievements.

One of that is production of “world first color film”. Actually Walt Disney Company released color film for the first time in the world.

The film is a short film called “Flowers and Trees”, which is Silly Symphony series.

It was released on July 30th 1932 as short color film by using 3 colors Technicolor and won short film animation award at 1st Academy Awards.

It is a story about “female and male tree” meeting in the beautiful forest and “unpleasant looking male tree” that disturbs them, but at last “female and male tree” throw a wedding by leaving “unpleasant looking male tree”, so it is happy end story.

It is such a story that Disney creates.

By the way, “Snow White”, which is Disney’s first feature length animated film and also is world’s first feature length color animated film was released after 5 years December 21st 1937.

It achieved “world’s first” again after “Flowers and Trees” and this encouraged Disney to become famous.

Now color animation is nothing special, but on that base there is Disney’s effort and technic.

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