tdr0733_That famous character is shown all in once? Dream-like role that became real with Disney film


“Cameo appearance” of other films character, which is one of Disney film’s familiar appearance.

To make Disney characters from other films making appearance somehow is getting typical and is one of point that Disney fans pay attention every time new film gets released.

Also, “Totoro” who is a symbolic character of Studio Ghibli appeared in the past.

Disney films established reputation with “Cameo appearance”.

And even film having surprising appearance that 8 of non-Disney characters showing up on screen were released.

That film is “Wreck-It Ralph”, which is a 3D computer animated film that directed by Rich Moore.

It was released on November 2nd 2012 (March 23rd 2013 in Japan) and is a fantasy adventure film taking set in the world of arcade game.

The Main character is a huge man “Ralph” who plays villains with “Fix It Felix”. Even though he is a villain he has very kind personality and always was thinking he would want to be friend with his co-characters.

At the scene of such character participating “villain consultation” that other game villains gather the dream cameo appearance happened.

Actually game characters from real games that actually have been released have appeared.

Which characters appeared?

-Pokey (Pac man)/ orange ghost
-Zangief (Street Fighter) / Russian professional wrestler. *He is not a villain in the game.
-Vega (Street Fighter) / Leader of Shadaloo, which is black organization that appear in series of street flighter
-Cyril (The House of the Dead) / Zombie with ax on both hands
-Kano (Mortal Kombat)/ The executive of crime syndicate “Black Dragon”.
-Bowser (Mario Series) / Boss of “Bowser group”
-Dr. Eggman (Sonic Series) / Bad scientist with world highest brain.
-Sega Van Vader (Altered Beast) / Rhino beast with protector and last boss.

List of game makers that are familiar with Japanese like Namco, Nintendo, or Sega.

Going over the fence of the game and to make appearance at Disney, it is quite moving.

*”Cameo Appearance”
To make special appearance to film without credit. Majority of times characters only appear for one scene that audience can confirm the character. The origin of name is coming from “cameo”, which is an ornament with relief on agate or marble.

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