tdr0728_There is a model for “Toy Story”? What is story of toy “Tin Toy”?


“Toy Story” is Pixar’s masterpiece and one of popular series film.

With this film there is a short film that became a model of this film.

That film is “Tin Toy”, which is directed by John Lasseter who also directed “Toy Story”. It was released in 1988 after short films of “Luxso Jr.” and “Red Dream” and won short animation award at Academy Awards.

The story is about main character tin toy escape from a baby who treats toys awfully. It has familiar things with “Toy Story”, right?

After releasing this film “Tin Toy” acquired popularity and 30 minutes of TV show was planed for Christmas with a story of “main character goes out for journey to find toy fellows”.

And Disney stopped the project.

A grown up situation was occurred like at that time Jeffry Katzenberg who were a president of “Walt Disney Pictures” failed to cannibalized John and Steve Jobs who is a founder of Apple and Pixar was promoting sales of computer graphic production to Disney, so it came to an conclusion of “let’s make Pixar to create Disney film”.

And production of “Tin Toy” was postponed by persuaded “film can be made if you can create a 30 minutes TV show”. So, production of “Toy Story” started.

“Toy Story” was born from various circumstances.

But that became one of popular series of Pixar and became a film that loved by all over the world, so it is quite moving.

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