tdr0710_Performed with daily needs? Untold production sound effect of “WALL-E” story


“Sound effect” is necessary to make animation real and stimulating.

Even action of just walking it becomes totally different with sound effect and without sound effect.

Anyway, sound effect of animation has two ways, which is to create sound effect for only the action or use or edit existing sound. Most of the time the latter one is used often and it is not rare that sound that doesn’t have relation with the action is used.

The technique of expressing wave sound by shaking the basket left to right having small beans on is famous, right? As you can see, sound effect is recorded using unusual combination.

Actually, during film of “WALL-E”, which is a feature length full computer graphic animated film that takes place in 29th Century has sound effect that recorded by using surprising combination.

The sound of when “M・O”, which is microbe removal machine that appears during the film cleans, but do you know what combination it was used?

Actually it is “sound of shaving beard”.

The person who brought this idea up was “Benjamin Ben Burt, Jr (below is called Ben Burt).

He is an American sound designer who is famous with creating sound (mechanical sound) of R2-D-2 that appears in “Star Wars, sound of lightsaber, or heavy breathing sound of Darth Vader.

And this time the sound of cleaning was created by an idea from him and recorded the sound by shaving his own beard. Then he edited the sound and used as a sound effect.

Ben Burt brought many other ideas up and used it as sound effect during the film.

Sound of radio-controlled plane that controlled by his friend was used on sound of “Eve” flying and sound of “Hal”, who is a cockroach and friend of WALL-E moving was created by cuffs rubbing together that he owns (for sound effect). As you can see he showed his sound designer technique during the film.

By the way, the voice of “WALL-E” and “M・O” used Ben Burt’s voice as base.

To create various sound effect using himself… It is because he is a first-class sound director.

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