tdr0708_”WALL-E’s” eyes were created having a model?


“WALL-E” is a story having a main character of production model waste disposal robot compress waste on contaminated earth in 29th Century, which isn’t far future.

It is a feature length full computer graphic animated film created by Pixar Animation Studio and Walt Disney Pictures and it was released on June 27th 2008 (December 5th 2008 in Japan).

Anyway, it is all the sudden, but what kind of impression did you have when you first saw the main character of this story “WALL-E”?

Did you ever think he looks familiar with something? Especially his confused dropping eyes looks like something?

Actually “certain tool” became a model of WALL-E’s eyes.

That tool is “binoculars”.

When director of this film Andrew Stanton went to see baseball game and saw people having binoculars then he adopted that to WALL-E’s design.

When getting told his eyes look like binoculars itself.

Adapt to the film by getting hints from daily lives.

This is how professional creator should be.

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