tdr0707_Certain Disney character was quietly appeared in “Monsters, Inc.”?


“Monsters, Inc.” is feature length full computer graphic animated film that is produced with Disney and Pixar.

It was released on November 2nd 2001 in America and March 2nd 2002 in Japan.

This film that became a huge hit with box office of over $500 million there is “playful performance” is hidden that is so Disney film-like, but did you know it?

Actually during the film certain Disney character is quietly shows up on the screen.

That character is “Monstro” that appears in film “Pinocchio”.

He is a huge King of whale that swallowed whole puppeteer Geppetto with whole ship.

Monstro appears on just one cut, which is the scene of Mike and Sully commuting.

Orange monster reading newspaper and small green monster with broom appears in that scene and I want you to pay attention behind the green monster.

On the door of shop there is a poster of “Monstro opening his mouth big” is posted.

This cannot be spot on when seeing for the first time.

With Disney and Pixar’s film there are so many “playful performances”.

How about watching it again with opening your eyes widely? You may find something new?

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