tdr0704_Stopped production? Pixar phantasmal film “NEWT”


“Pixar” is an animation studio that leads computer graphic animation industry.

When the new film’s production is announced it becomes a news and that is how much it is gathering attention.

Anyway, “Pixar’s film is definitely become a huge hit” that Pixar’s success continues, but there was “a film that had to stop producing after announcing new film production”.

That film’s title is “NEWT”.

It is a story about “Newt”, which is a hermaphroditism creature that has blue legs and lives at some planet, tries to continue the seed with scientific power with Broke, but in the end the problem solved by power of love rather than scientific power.

And in April 2008, it was announced as one of films that will be released until 2012 with “Toy STory3″, “Cars”, WALL-E”, “Up”, or “Brave”.

Gary Rydstrom who was a director of Pixar’s short film “Lifted” became a director of this film and was supposed to be his first feature length film, but as a result the film never had chance to release.

The reason why the film was never appeared was kept in secret, but reasons of “Cars 2 production was started early in 2011″ or “story of feature length film “Rio” from Blue Sky Studios was very similar” is guessed.

Whatever the reasons are it is so unfortunate that we cannot get to see the new character “Newt”.

Let’s hope Newt will appear somewhere somehow.

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