tdr0702_It is totally different! The original titles of Pixar film and Japanese titles


Films, books, or music that produced outside of Japan usually changes the original title to Japanese version.

Although there are ones that just translated the original title straight forward, just written the original titles in Japanese letters exactly, free translated, or title that doesn’t even sound close to the original title.

Example of title that doesn’t even sound close to the original title, “Frozen”, which is Disney feature length film that became a huge hit in 2014, In Japan it is called “Anna and Snow Queen”, so from the title the story of these two appearing as main characters can be imagined, but the original title is “Frozen”, which is quite simple.

Moreover, with “Big Hero 6″ too, in Japan it is called “Baymax”, which seems it was written the original title in Japanese letters, but actually it has totally different title.

From the reason of if the title “draw people’s interest” or “people can imagine the story when seeing the title”, so the Japanese version of title is decided either it should translate straight forward or translate freely.

Then how about with Pixar’s film.

When speaking of Pixar, Pixar is known with “Toy Story”, “Monsters, Inc.”, or “Cars”, but these are all written the original title in Japanese.

It makes us think that there aren’t any Pixar film that changed the title hugely…but 4 films out of 15 films (as of June 2015) have Japanese titles that are not even close to the original titles.

The 4 of those films are “Incredibles”, “Ratatouille”, “Up”, and “Brave”.

Then what kind of title were these?

– The Incredibles / Mr. Incredible
– Ratatouille / Remy’s Tasty Restaurant
– Up / Old Man Carl’s Flying House
– Brave / Merida and Scary Forest

“Incredibles” doesn’t have that big changes, but other 3 films aren’t even close to the original titles and original titles are so simple.

The reason “Remy’s Tasty Restaurant’s” original title is “Ratatouille” is because main character “Remy” is a “Rat” and “ratatouille” is served as a special dish during the film to food critic or the named new restaurant “La Ratatouille”.

The reason “Old Man Carl’s Flying House’s” original title is “Up” is because simply his house itself flies high up the sky. Although when Japanese people hear “Up” they can’t imagine the story or more like they would have ideas of simply “up” or “raise”.

The reason “Merida and Scary Forest’s” original title is “Brave” is because main character “Merida” is such a fighter. But this word of “Brave” isn’t very familiar with Japanese and even knowing the meaning of the word people cannot imagine the story.

As you can see there are many original title films that cannot imagine from Japanese version titles. It would be quite interesting when searching your favorite film’s original title.

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