tdr0701_Next film of “Monsters, Inc.” isn’t “Monsters University”?


Disney and Pixar’s feature length full computer graphic animated film “Monsters, Inc.” achieved box office over $500 million and became a huge hit after it released on November 2nd 2001 (March 2nd 2002 in Japan).

It is probably fresh in mind that after about 12 years, “Monsters University”, which is story before “Monsters, Inc.” was released on June 21st 2013 (July 6th 2013 in Japan) and became a huge hit.

By that new fans increased and became Pixar’s popular series after “Toy Story”, but did you know that next film of “Monsters, Inc.” was released even before “Monsters University”?

Which is “Mike’s New Car”.

It was released in 2003 and is 3 minuets and 54 seconds short animated film that recorded on DVD of “Monsters, Inc.”. The quality is very high even it is a short film and it was nominated on 75th Academy Award’s short film award.

The story start by Mike visiting Sully’s house to show off his new 6-wheel drive car.

Mike who is very hyper made Sully who is very low-key sit on passenger seat and Mike drives the car with proud, but various happenings happen, so this short film is very bustling.

By the way, characters that appear on Pixar’s feature length animated films appear in short animated film are first time.

That is how attractive Mike and Sully are.

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