tdr0688_There is a film of timid dinosaur character from “Toy Story” as a main character?


Plastic tyrannous toy “Rex” from Pixar’s popular series film “Toy Story”.

He is so not like a dinosaur, but adorable excellent supporting character that has zero thrilling face, zero thrilling voice, and has timid personality, but actually there was a time he became a main character.

The film title of he appearing as a main character is “Toy Story Toons Partysaurus Rex”.

It was shown at cinema at the same time “Finding Nemo 3D”, which released in 2012 and after that short film of clumsy “Rex” get active at bath time was recorded on Blue-ray of “Monsters, Inc”, which started to sell on June 19th 2013.

To play the main role at short film even the character cannot become a main character with original story is magnificent.

This is a must-see film if you are fan of “Toy Story”.

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