tdr0683_The staff wasn’t expecting anything from “Lion King” during the process of production


“Lion King” was released on June 24th 1994 and achieved box office of $960,000,000.

It achieved 3rd largest boxy office of animation and the sales of sell-through video achieved world number one, so it is a famous film that people who are even not a Disney fan knows, but staff wasn’t expecting anything from this video during production.

Actually at that time Disney was creating other film and many staff were more willing to participate in that film.

That film is “Pocahontas”.

The production was started from April 15th 1994 and this film, which is “Disney’s first ever film used existing person” was released on June 23rd 1995. Many Disney related people expected this film to become “top selling film of Disney”.

But it didn’t become a huge hit, because the story wasn’t very easy for kids to understand. It ended up having less commercial result than “Lion King”, which didn’t have much popularity from staff.

This huge reversal result probably made staff who worked so hard on making “Lion King” very happy.

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