tdr0678_”Brave” is Pixar’s first kind of film?


“Pixar Animation Studio” is a video production company that is specialized with animation used computer graphic.

Pixar started with big hit film “Toy Story” and now became a company that leads computer graphic animation industry.

Anyway, with “Brave”, which is a film released in 2012 some new challenge for Pixar have performed.

That challenge is “a story with female main character”.

The main character of “Brave” is a young princess named “Medieval”. It is a story about a tomboy princess growing up who run away the country by disliking the wedding for the succession to the throne, but actually this film is the first ever film of “female main character” with Pixar.

I have made a list of successive films and the main characters so check it out.

1. Toy Story: Woody (cowboy toy/ male)/ Buzz Lightyear (space ranger toy/male)

2. A Bug’s Life: Flik (ant/ male)

3. Toy Story 2: Woody (cowboy toy/male)/ Buzz Lightyear (space ranger toy/ male)

4. Monsters, Inc.: Sully/ Mike (monster/ male)

5. Finding Nemo: Marline/ Nemo (clownfish/ male)

6. The Incredibles: Mr. Incredible (super hero/ male)

7. Cars: Lightening McQueen (super car/ male)

8. Ratatouille: Remy (mouse/ male)

9. WALL・E: Wall-E (production model of waste disposer robbot/ boy)

10. Up: Carl Fredricksen (old man)

11. Toy Story 3: Woody (cowboy toy/male)/ Buzz Lightyear (space ranger toy/ male)

12. Cars 2: Lightening McQueen (super car/ male)

13. Brave: Medieval (young princess/ female)

14. Monsters University: Sully/ Mike (monster/ male)

As you can see it is obvious.

Toy story is released in November 1995. “Brave” was released in June 2012, so after 7 years finally female main character was born.

We are now in time of period that women shine in society. May be that historical background is related.

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