tdr0676_Which famous entertainer appeared on stage of “Lion King” by Shiki Theatrical Company


“Lion King” is Disney’s masterpiece that is still loved by people since it released in 1994.

I am sure there are many fans of this film even it is over 20 years since the film released. And if you love “Lion King” then you would want to see the musical of Lion King by Shiki Theatrical Company once in your life.

It is called “unlimited long run” since 1998 and Lion King is known as a performance that represents Shiki Theatrical Company, which is performed until now 2015, but did you know that actually “certain famous entertainer” have performed this musical before?

That “certain famous entertainer” is Takashi Okamura who is one of comedian combination “Ninety-Nine”.

Him making a debut on Lion King has decided on the popular project “Offer came for Okamura” 7th project from Fuji TV show “Mecha x2 Iketeru!”.

The project of offer came from Shiki Theatrical Company started and Okamura who received an offer strongly wished to play a role of Simba at that time. But director Keita Asari rejected Okamura’s desire easily, so instead of that he gave 4 roles of “grass”, “gazelle”, “hyena”, and “singer” to Okamura.

Although, Okamura who never have done musical struggled so much that even role of grass, which is the easiest made everyone doubt whether he can perform of not.

Moreover, he had to master the dance of hyena, which is known the hardest, so everyone was nervous about if he could do it or not, but his hard work was recognized and got a permission to perform on stage in Tokyo on September 20th, 2000.

During the performance he holds up his fist after dancing hyena dance perfectly, which he never did without mistakes, getting out of control as a grass role, and sang the phrase of “he lives in you”, which Simba supposed to sing on his own, but this comedian-like performance made the audience laugh.

At last he appeared as hyena at curtain call, which it wasn’t allow and performed his breakdance and even he climbed up the pride rock (even he is hyena) to give a birth baby lion, which is not on the plot then he drew a curtain perfect way on series of “Offer came to Okamura”.

Extraordinary performance of “Lion King” that created by collaborating with an entertainer.

It would be great to see this kind of collaborated performance in the future.

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