tdr0674_Pixar fulfilled last wish of young girl


In June 2009, 10 years old girl has passed away.

Her name is Colby Curtin.

She was a young girl lives in America and loved singing and dancing.

Colby never fail to have smile on her face while she was under medical treatment after getting told that she had a cancer on her blood vessel in December 2005. Although the reality is cruel that her illness was getting severe and as of May 2009 she only had short time to live.

During such time Colby kept saying “certain wish” she had even she was getting weaker.

That wish was “to see Up”.

In late April 2009, Colby saw advertisement of “Up” when she went to see DreamWorks “Monster VS Alien” and she was so attached to it.

Since then she kept saying that she wants to see Up before she dies, but “Up” was released on May 29th….At that time her illness was worsening that it was difficult for her to go outside.

Her parents wanted to make her wish come true no matter what, so they have called Disney Studio or Pixar even they had no single connection.

And the phone call was connected to one of Pixar staff then “to have screening party at Colby’s house with bringing the DVD” was decided at then.

So, on June 10th, which is the next day the parents called Pixar staff visited Colby’s house with DVD of “Up” and armful stuffed toys of Pixar characters.

At that time Colby was so weak that she couldn’t even open her eyes long, but she was so concentrated watching the film while listening her mother explaining the story.

When her mother asked if the film was fun then she nodded her head after watching the film. After 7 hours from that Colby has passed away quietly while her parents watching over her.

If the phone call that her parents made never made to Pixar staff…
If the Pixar staff didn’t agree of doing screening party…
If the screening party was held few days after the phone call…

Colby’s wish never came true.

After Colby’s mother expressed her gratitude to Pixar that “my daughter have made her wish of seeing Up came true and that is because of your support”.

Pixar accepted the young girl’s wish and made it true, because Pixar creates films that gives dreams and hopes to kids.

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