tdr0670_Many types of “Cars” toys are made within short time?


When speaking of car toys, it is “minicar”, which is popular between boys.

In Japan “Tomica”, which sells by Takara Tomy has extreme popularity and is known by having many fans regardless of generations.

Anyway, the Disney and Pixar’s film that cars perform brilliantly is “Cars” that was released on 2006 and actually many related goods have developed within short time.

Actually more than 1,000 types of goods lined up in the stores.

To make 1,000 types of goods often happens on popular film in long term, but goods of “Cars” did that in short time of period.

Among that category of “minicar” took majority of the numbers.

It is obvious that number gets increased, because “minicar” was made on each character.

And not just with American toy makers, even “Takara Tomy”, which I have mentioned above sold character goods of “Cars Tomika” and goods other than car toys, so it is agreeable that it adds up 1,000 kinds.

Cars are always boy’s yearning and the main character is sports car… the goods development boosted up because all these terms that attracts people meet together.

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