tdr0668_Production period of “Brave” took double the time?


“Brave” is a feature length full computer graphic animated film by Pixar, which released on 2012.

It became very popular as a new type of Pixar film, because it is quite different from other Pixar films that it is “dark and a story for grownups”, first film with female main character, and first fairy tale for Pixar.

Such film with “full of new things” took long production period.

Usually the production period of computer graphic animation takes 3 to 4 years, but the time “Brave” took was 7 years, which is double the time. It is not that easy to create a story when challenging new things.

Also, it was difficult to recreate Scotland in 10th Century, which this story takes place.

Elaborate the story and fix details over and over again.

The number of storyboards that drawn during that process was actually 111,000.

The number of storyboards that drawn on “Toy Story”, which is Pixar’s major film was 92,000, so this tells how the number of storyboards of “Brave” is huge.

Pixar took 7 years of time to renew the image that Pixar has build.

Such positive attitude creates the famous work.

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