tdr0655_Super tough” Behind the scene of creating animation cel of “Snow White”


“Snow White” is the world first color animation that created with $1.7 million (as the rate of back then) and 4 years of production time as fist feature length animated film for Disney.

The famous film that gave a chance to Disney to leap big was born by putting so much effort and so much time.

The working hour was 15 hours a day with practically no off days.

The working environment makes sweatshops turn pale, but even working that many hours per day it took 4 years of time.

The reason it took so much of time is because of the “enormous amount of animation cel”.

That many of animation cel are needed to create smooth animation.

When 24 animation cel are needed for 1 second it adds up to 1440 animation cel for a minuet.

And when it comes to feature length animation then the needed animation cel becomes enormous, so it adds up to 130,000 animation cel for an hour and a half animated film.

Actually the animation cel that used for “Snow White” was 250,000.

It is such a tremendous number of animation cel.

The fact that is more surprising is the time that takes to create one animation cel.

It is relatively easy to create when it is black and white, because it uses only two colors, but the story comes different when it is colored. Because the color arrangement became vivid, so it had to color one by one and dry well to not let the colors get mixed.

8 hours were needed to dry.

The process of drying for 8 hours after applying color and add color then dry continued for 2,50,000 animation cel.

Even working for 15 hours a day without having a break the color that can be added is only 2 colors… It is such an endless process.

It is agreeable that it took 4 years of time to create this film.

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