tdr0652_Oscar Statuette that was given to “Snow White” was with 7 dwarfs


“Snow White” is Disney’s first feature length animation and is a world first feature length color animation.

It is a famous film that created with $1,700,000 of production fee and 4 years of time, but people had an idea of “animation is for kids” and people were making fun of it that “it is Disney’s hobby”, although it acquired profits of $61,000,000 and won original music score at 10th Academy Award.

Anyway, when speaking of Academy Award, it is a fix that winner gets Academy Statuette (official name: Academy Award of Merit)” as extra prize.

And that Oscar Statuette was given to Walt for “Snow White”, but the Oscar Statuette he got was totally different from others.

Usually the Oscar Statuette is a statue of naked man covered with 24 carats of gold-plated and it is 13.38 inch including base.

But the Oscar Statuette that was given to Walt had Oscar had higher stand with stairs and 7 small Oscar statue lined up on that stairs, which was specially made.

It looks like as if the 7 dwarfs also given Oscar Statuette, so Walt was pleased and expressed his feeling by giving speech of “It is an honor to get Oscar Statuette”.

But to give Oscar Statuette connected with that film ….It makes us think “Academy of Motion Pictures Arts and Sciences” that hosts Academy Award’s thoughtful consideration.

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