tdr0647_”John Lasseter” from Pixar used to be an employee of Disney?


“John Lasseter” is a chief creative officer at Pixar Animation Studio and Disney Animation Studio.

He directed and was executive producer with many famous computer graphic animations like “Toy Story” and “Monsters, Inc.” and he is one of film directors and animators that leaded Pixar.

He became a famous animator from his achievements like all the films that he got involved become hits, but there is a story of his past that many people don’t know.

His past is that “he used to be an employee of Disney”. Actually before he got into Pixar he worked at Disney.

Lasseter was a huge fun of Disney films from the beginning, so he aimed to become a creator and went for school of film and new media character animation department of California Institute of the Arts.

While he was going to that school he was in charge of drawing Disney films like “The Fox and the Hound” and “Mickey’s Christmas Carol” and finally he became an employee of Disney, which he wished for after graduating.

After that Lasseter who watched a film “Tron”, which used computer graphic felt the possibility of computer graphic, so he created “Wild Things” that used hand drawing characters and computer graphic background and made progress of computer graphic animation projects.

But computer graphic project was abandoned, because the possibility of computer graphic is unpredictable and company conservatives concerned that had sense of danger of computer graphic takes the job away of animation, so Lasseter himself was fired of Disney.

After he was getting fired he met “Edwin Catmull (current president of Pixar) who was looking for a computer graphic animator for creating short computer graphic animation, so Lasseter joined “Industrial Light & Magic”, which is LucasFilm’s subsidiary.

He worked as an animator at computer department of Pixar predecessor organization and when Pixar was established he started to create 3DCG animation at Pixar.

Then the famous film “Toy Story” was born and he created many films….He started to work at Disney again after Disney getting acquisition.

Lasseter probably never imagined working at Disney again after starting from Disney and passed around when he got fired.

We never know what would happen in life.

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