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Disney animation has many worldwide hit films.

With recent film “Frozen” achieved huge hit that it ranked in 5th place of highest box office ever and it is ranked in 1st place when limiting it to only animation. (As of January 1st 2015)

Also, the film that achieved 1st place of sales of animation sell-through video (video software like DVD or Blue-ray Disc that recorded film, animation, or TV shows for the purpose of selling) is Disney animation and the masterpiece “Lion King” was sold 55,000,000 in the world (as of 2003) and it sold 2,000,000 in Japan.

It is suitable to say that it achieved a huge hit since it sold more than 1,000,000 videos, so it shows how popular it is. Although, there is a Disney film that sold sell-through video more than “Lion King” in Japan.

That film is “Aladdin”, which was released on November 25th 1992 (August 7th 1993 in Japan).

Actually, film that became top of annual sale quantity of video between America and Japan ships 24,000,000 of videos to America and 2,200,000 of videos are shipped to Japan.

It shows that it is 200,000 more than “Lion King”.

By the way, the sell-through video of animation that sold more than anything in Japan is “Spirited Away” from STUDIO GHIBLI and it achieved 5,500,000 (as of May 2007).

In Japan, STUDIO GHIBLI films that directed by Hayao Miyazaki are very popular that “Princess Mononoke” sold 4,400,000 (as of May 2007) and “My Neighbor Totoro” sold about 3,500,000 (as of April 2012), so it is in a different league.

It is worth paying attention to which Disney film goes over GHIBLI films.

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