tdr0623_Made progress from previous film? The main point of “Monsters University”


“Monsters, Inc.” is feature length full computer graphic animated film, which created by Disney and Pixar together.

It was released on November 2nd 2001 in America and on March 2nd 2002 in Japan. It achieved great hit that box office went over $5 billion and is still now have many fans.

The next film of such popular film “Monsters, Inc.” was released after 12 years of time.

The title is “Monsters University”.

Monster University after Monster Company…I am sure some people have realized by seeing the title, but it is prequel film of previous film.

It was released on June 21st 2013 in America and on July 6th in the same year in Japan and it won animated film award at Oscar.

During this film you will see encounter and repellence of “Mike Wazowski (Mike)” who is a hard worker, but has no talent and “James P. Sullivan (Sully) who are member of elite with great talent, but lazy and dramatic reversal from falling to dropout.

The main point of this story is the way these two main characters grow, but what I want you to pay attention is the graphic.

With previous film, bushy hair monster “Sully’s” hair took 12 hours to draw 2,300,000 of hair just for one frame and it acquired great reputations, but with this film the hair increased almost twice as much, which is about 5,500,000 of hair to boosts up his bushiness.

Also, there was a rule that “bushy monster can appear one in one frame”, because of arithmetic capacity of that time, but because the computer capacity improved that rule was lifted, so several bushy monsters can gather in one frame.

Therefore, it is full of thrill. The film became high quality compare to the previous film.

For those who haven’t seen it pay attention to the two main characters and bushy monsters.

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