tdr0619_”Kids scream” in Monsters, Inc. is not acting?


Feature length computer graphic animated film “Monsters, Inc. is created by Disney and Pixar together.

It is released on March 2nd 2002 and became a huge hit.

The film took place in enterprise “Monsters, Inc.” as the title says.

The business outline at “Monsters, Inc.” is to send employee monster to child room from “countless number of doors that are connected to human child’s room”, collect “kids scream” by make them scared, and divert that to energy of monsters industry, but this “scream” is not recorded by voice actors acting.

Pixar that has strong intention of real thing didn’t use voice actors for the purpose of pursue real scream.

Pixar thought voice actors cannot express “kids screaming” realistically.

It will sound “adult trying to scream like kids do” even how hard voice actors try.

So, kids of production staff were targeted.

Kids were in appropriate age, so brought them to the studio and kind of made them to scram and recorded.

It wasn’t probably a fun experience for kids to getting told to “scream” due to grown up’s circumstances.

To make the kids do such thing even those kids are family member of the staff, but it makes us feel the strong persistence of pursuing real things.

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