tdr0614_Animation that broadcasted for the first time with “Sunday Western Movie Theatre”, which is a special TV program of Western films


“Sunday Western Movie Theatre” is a TV program of TV Asahi that started to broadcast with concept of “watch Western film with TV”.

It is such a long running TV program that it started to off as “Saturday Western Movie Theatre” from October 1st 1996 and from April 9th 1967 it was broadcasted every Sundays from 9pm as “Sunday Western Movie Theatre” then from April 7th 2013 it runs as “Sunday’s entertainment/ Sunday Western Movie Theatre” irregularly.

It is a film TV program that has about 50 years of history, but as the title says it is a TV program that specialized with “Western movies”. so animated films never appeared.

But, in 2010 animated film finally broadcasted with this TV program.

The memorable animated film that broadcasted for the first time in the history was “Toy Story”.

The first animated film that it broadcasted was Pixar film.

“Toy Story” appeared on the screen of TV was after 44 years since the TV program started, which was on July 25th 2010. And “Toy Story 3” was broadcasted on July 8th 2012 and “Monster, Inc.” was broadcasted on July 14th 2013.

Even as of January 2015, the animated film that broadcasted in the long history of that TV program is only 3 films above.

And all of the films that broadcasted is Pixar films, so isn’t it incredible?

It is exciting to see which animated film will be broadcast with “Sunday Western Movie Theatre”.

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