tdr0608_”Snow White” is R16? Surprising restriction that obligated in England


“Snow White” is Disney’s first feature length animation and was a trigger of Disney animation to leap hugely.

It gathered many attention as world first feature length color animated film that took 4 years of time and $1,700,000 (as the rate of back then) of money was invested. Kids and even adults were impressed about color animation that they haven’t seen before.

So, there was certain restriction at cinemas in England when it was released. Actually “child under 16 years old needs accompany of parent” was obligated.

Color animation “Snow White” was very fresh and thrilling film for kids at that time.

Especially the scene witch aim Snow White’s life is fear itself for kids, so many kids accidentally pee in their pants, which cannot imagine now.

Peeing while watching film is a problem for cinema. So parent accompany was obligated for breakthrough.

kids nowadays who are familiar with color animation doesn’t feel that strong impact that kids back then felt, but that tells how much the “Snow White” was an innovated film.

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