tdr0596_”Chicken Little” was created with a computer graphic amateur group?


The story of “Chicken Little” is about chicken who believes “sky falls down”.

It is a famous English fairy tale and Disney created animated film based on this fairy tale in 1943 and 2005.

1943 version was created during war to tell people “not to follow the false rumor” and it is short film with unusual punch line that duck and chicken which guided by chick who fooled by fox eaten by fox.

And with 2005 version, this also develops different story than original story and even 1943 version.

It is a feature length story of “Chicken Little”, small boy chicken who believes “anyone can be a hero when working hard” complains “piece of sky fell off” to people in town, but he gets called liar, but he becomes strong to save people in town from alien, which invasion.

Anyway, in 2005 version the story is totally different except the part “sky is falling”, but there is other new challenge occurred in this film.

Actually this is full computer graphic animation that is created without having support from Pixar.

Even 3D version was shown and it was the first film that took method of wearing special glasses “Disney Digital 3D” to see the film.

This is also activities that was taken in to match the new generation’s needs, but the surprising thing is that production staff of this film was all “amateur” with computer graphic.

Pixar is a group of pro when it comes to graphics, but Disney built a generation and became famous with hand drawing animation like cell animation.

Therefore there are many talented animator, but there wasn’t animator with computer graphic’s know- how.

“Chicken Little” is created by an amateur group studied so hard about computer graphic.

Of course there are things that are behind Pixar, but this film doesn’t seem it is made by “amateurs”.

As if it is proving that “anyone can be a hero when working hard”.

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