tdr0594_The temporary title that was given to the masterpiece “Lion King”


Disney’s masterpiece “Lion King” achieved $960 million of box office, became 3rd for box office for animated film and achieved world number one for sales of sell-through video and soundtrack as animated film.

In October 1997, preview was held at Broadway Theatre and performance by Shiki Theatre started since 1998. Since that it is called as “unlimited long run” that this performance is still playing and loved for long time.

Anyway, such “Lion King” had different temporary title before it was released.

That title was “King of the Jungle”.

“Lion King” and “King of the Jungle” seems have same nuance, but people probably cannot imagine lion with this title.

Also, in Japan “Jungle Emperor (1965/Osamu Tezuka)”, which lion appear as main character or “Jungle King Tar-chan (1988/Masaya Tokuhiro)”, which superman like Tarzan appear as main character is already released, so when the temporary title was adopted then it wouldn’t be clear that image of film and films that already exist get mixed.

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