tdr0587_Two Angelicas? The untold story when shooting “Pirates of the Caribbean On Stranger Tides”


“Pirates of the Caribbean” is a very popular live-action film that Disney proud to presents.

When the first film came out in 2003 the popularity boosted up sudden then it turned out to be serialized that story developed with “Jack Sparrow”, “Elizabeth Swan”, and “Will Turner” and in 4th film the majority of casts were changed and made a new start.

Spanish actress “Penelope Cruz” played heroine in 4th film “On Stranger Tides”.

She appeared as female pirate “Angelica” who is ex girlfriend of Jack and showed a female pirate presence that overwhelm other pirates with her strong acting that is good as men.

Anyway, “Penelope Cruz” selected as a new heroine, but when shooting there was a new life in her stomach.

The shooting started in June 2010 and she was already one month pregnant.

When in pregnancy of one month the stomach is not that visible yet.

But the shooting goes by her stomach became visible.

When the stomach becomes visible there is a problem that the body shape before and after the film doesn’t match.

So, “Monica Cruz” who is sister of “Penelope Cruz” solved that problem.

There figure looked similar, because they are siblings, so on the scene that can be seen Angelica’s full body that shot with distance is done by her sister.

Of course the scene with her sister in it had no line and no close shot.

The stand-in shooting was occurred on only scenes that needed Angelica’s figure.

Then on November 19th 2010 the shooting was completed successfully.

Next year of January 21st “Penelope Cruz” gave a birth to first child “Leonard”.

Although her sister stood in, to participate in shooting during pregnancy is surprising even she is a professional actress.

I am glad there were no problem during shooting and her giving a birth without any problems.

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