tdr0584_The small fairy “Tinker Bell” had a model?


“Peter Pan” was released on February 5th 1953.

“Peter Pan” has strong image of forever a young boy and fighting with pirates, but we cannot forget about small cute fairy that wears green short dress and blonde bun “Tinker Bell”

Her existence made fairies is cute strongly.

Tinker Bell is very tough and get jealous, but her behavior and movement is very charming.

Actually there is a “model” that became original of her movement or behavior.

That model is “Margaret Kelly” who is an actresss.

Margaret was working as assistance of director of dance for Tv shows during her beginning of 20’s she got a call that “someone was finding live action model of 0.29 feet tall fairy that cannot talk”.

She performed pantomime with music at audition.

Animator who was in charge of Tinker Bell loved her performance and she was selected as live-action model by making her act the scene Tinker comes down on dresser.

By the way, there is a rumor that “Tinker Bell’s model is Marilyn Monroe”, but this is because executive of Disney Studio back then spoke “Tinker Bell is like Marilyn Monroe”.

However, the real intention on Disney films is wonderful.

That is why the cuteness of Tinker Bell could be expressed maximum.

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