tdr0583_”Pixar” was born because of “certain person” divorced?


“Pixar Animation Studio” made animation’s possibility used hugely by using computer graphic technology.

That computer graphic technology is standing out that nothing is better than Pixar’s computer graphic technology.

New films that is announced is always gathering attentions and now it became a studio that gets involved animation industry now, but Pixar itself wouldn’t happened if “George Lucas” didn’t get divorce.

“George Lucas” is a famous film director that is known by famous film “Star Wars”. Computer graphic department of LucusFilm that he established was “Pixar’s” predecessor.

Back then he established computer graphic department for first series of “Star Wars” and hired Edwin Catmull who is current Pixar’s president as CEO from New York Institute of Technology.

But since the divorce in 1983, Lucas had to sell the company.

Because “the amount of requested compensation was way so high”.

He had to pay about $50 million of compensation to his ex-wife “Marcia” in cash, so he needed seeded money.

Therefore, Lucas started to search for buyer of computer graphic department with $30 million, but he couldn’t find and “Steve Jobs” bought after making reduction to $10 million then independent company “Pixar” founded.

There were twists and turns after that, but “Pixar” changed to animation hit maker.

If Lucas didn’t get divorce then the computer graphic department never became Steve’s and never appeared in animation industry….may be.

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