tdr0577_The superb view of waterfall that appear in Up actually exist?


“Up” is created by Pixar Animation Studio and released on May 29th 2009.

Disney digital 3D version, which is Pixar’s first try also released at the same time the film released and Up won best animated feature film and best original score with 67th Golden Globe Award.

With this film Carl flies over to “Paradise Fall” which his deceased wife’s dream by putting many balloons on the house and at the end of the film he finally gets where he wanted to go.

Precipitous cliff is sticking out from the surface of the earth all the sudden where greens are spreading. The waterfall that falling from one point is such a beautiful view that cannot take eyes off.

It seems this superb view doesn’t exist in real life, but somehow it does exist. There is a place that became the model of this waterfall.

That is “Table Mountain”, which is trapezoid shaped mountain that exists in Venezuela’s Guiana Highlands.

The ground is shaved with rain and wind and only solid ground left, so it became like a mountain that has huge wall having stratum exposing, so natives call this mountain “Tepui”.

The “Engel Fall” that falls from top of corner of “Auyan Tepui”, which is one of the mountains that build “Table Mountain” is the model of the Paradise Fall.

Surprisingly the fall distance of “Engel Fall” is world longest 3211.94 feet.

That view cannot be described by words simply.

In this world there are many views that cannot imagine from our ordinary life.

It would be great to see in real when having opportunity.

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