tdr0573_The Disney films that reducted production cost deeply


“Snow White” is a world first feature length animated film and also a world first color animated film.

Speaking of animation, it was released on December 21st 1937 with $1.7 million (at the rate of back then) of production cost in the era of indicating “short film for kids”.

People thought it was going to fail, because it was a first try, but it became a big hit that acquired $61 million of profits.

Because “Snow White” was a success “Pinocchio”, which created next had $2.6 million (atthe rate of back then) of production cost and was released on February 7th 1940.

“Fantasia”, which is first stereophonic sound film was released on November 13th of the same year with $2.28 million of production cost, but both were struggling to grow and both didn’t make a big hit like the first film “Snow White” did.

There are several reasons that those didn’t become a big hit.

Second film was hoped to create film like “Snow White”, but rejected, structure of “Fantasia” was too original that people couldn’t follow, and it was during World War II…. The reasons can be brought up endlessly, but those two films had hard time from these reasons.

Because two films that invested enormous amount of money failed continuously, so production cost of 4th film had to be reduced and had to cut down the cost.

The film that applied such circumstances was “Dumbo” that released on October 23rd 1941.

The production period was only a year and the cost that used during that short period was only $810,000.

It is obvious that the production cost is overwhelmingly small compare to last 3 films.

That is how much Disney was having rough time financially.

“Dumbo” that had to reduce the cost and period of production not like “Snow White”, “Pinocchio”, or “Fantasia” that created with full support of Disney.

Staff who took part of creating Dumbo was relaxed and enjoyed creating the film apparently.

Because staff was relaxed and enjoy, Dumbo turned out to be success box office-wise.

It doesn’t mean the film that is made with huge money on turns out to be a success. The film will be rated high when creating with fewer production cost, but high quality.

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