tdr0558_Searched by Times, Disney film was chosen for “most impressive food scene from film”


“Times” is American news magazine that carries various information like politics, economics, entertainment, or latest science and technology.

It is known as the world first news magazine and with information of Times has strong trust.

We sometime hear that name on the news.

Some feature article appeared on such worldwide news magazine “Times”.

Which is “Most impressive food scene from film”.

10 films were chosen among many other famous films and one Disney film was chosen too.

The film that was chosen was full computer graphic animated film “Ratatouille”, which released in 2007.

During the film there is a scene of “Anton Ego” who is a spicy cooking critic eats ratatouille that is made by “Remy” the mouse.

Ratatouille is home cooking in France.

Ego who had one bite of that had flash back of his childhood memory and brought smile on his face, because it was so delicious and nostalgic taste.

The scene Ego who is famous for severe critic smiled unintentionally decided the restaurant’s fate was rated that it was impressive.

By the way, the other 9 films that was chosen is shown below.

“The Gold Rush” (1925)
-The scene Chaplin eats shoes by boiling.

“Tom Jones” (1963)
-Erotic food scene of Albert Finney and Joyce Redman.

“Cool Hand Luke”(1967)
-The scene Paul Newman eats boiled egg inside jail.

“Tampopo” (1985)
-The scene Ryutaro Ohtomo teaches Ken Watanabe how to eat ramen.

“Nine 1/2 Weeks” (1986)
-The scene Mickey Rourke brings food into Kim Basinger.

“Babette’s Feast”(1987)
-The scene Babette feasts villager.

“The Great Outdoors”(1988)
-The scene eat 6.61lbs of beef steak completely.

“Good Fellas”(1990)
-The scene mafia who imprisonment in jail cooks.

“Big Night” (1996)
-The last 5 minutes long take Stanley Tucci fry egg.

Film of king of comedy Chaplin or film of Ken Watanabe who is a Japanese Hollywood star is mentioned.

And what we should pay attention on is other than “Ratatouille” all the films are live-action film.

That means even it is animated film it was that impressive.

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