tdr0541_The degree of perfection of “Finding Nemo” increased, because Steve Jobs pointed out something


The full computer graphic animation that Pixar Animation Studio make needs few years and needs enormous amount of founding.

I am sure you cannot realize by just watching the film that is completed, but to make the character moves realistically needs to make slight changes per frame and to do that it takes few minutes to few hours.

24 frames are needed for one second, so when taking an hour to do for one frame then it sometime takes a day to create one second of movement.

By continue to do such a neat work with honest effort Pixar brings out famous piece like “Toy Story”.

Anyway, when the film is roughly made then preview will be occurred by gathering related people for the purpose of making adjustment at Pixar. At this preview they check if there is any problem, to see if there is anything to make changes, and if there is then point out then the film gets improved.

At that time if it was a problem that could fix right a way, but someone pointed out and requested to fix the film that may not be able to make on the releasing date rather than that cannot be done anytime soon.

That person was “Steve Jobs”. He is the founder of Pixar and CEO. What he pointed out was the movement of seaweed that appears behind “Finding Nemo” as background.

The way seaweed move was very awkward and was far from looking real.

But staff who has been requested to fix from him told him that “it was not possible”. It is because to fix the movement of all the seaweed will take more than a year. It is either change the date of releasing the film or increase the people who can fix the movement to manage with the original releasing date.

When that has to be done then enormous amount of cost will be needed.

And more than anything staff had thought of “do we have to observe the background that carefully?”. From those reasons staff judged “fixing the movement is not realistic”.

But Steve Jobs did not stay quiet.

He gave the staff candid advice of “Finding Nemo will be watched for more than decades. Will you not be regretted with that seaweed? Cost and releasing date is not a problem. I want you to put more effort on for making a batter film”.

From the message of ever compromise on the film that worthy of lasting fame and we should do our best while we can. When not doing that we end up regretting it from Steve Jobs staff finally realized.

So, “Finding Nemo” became a film that people speak highly about how well the seaweed expressed.

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