tdr0527_Gorgeous casting of “Pirates of the Caribbean” became declined


“Pirates of the Caribbean” is Disney’s huge hit series.

The popularity never gets low since the film releasing in 2003 and we are waiting for the 5th series to come out now.

So, “Keith Richards” who is a guitarist in “The Rolling Stones” appeared on the screen as “Teague Sparrow, who is father of “Jack Sparrow” in third series “The World’s End”.

Keith is the origin and example of the role of “Jack Sparrow” that played by “Johnny Depp”.

That is why the staff kept sending love calls passionately to Keith, who rejected to be part of the film, but at the end he accepted to play the role of father… Actually other members of “The Rolling Stones” were planning to appear in the film.

And the role is even as comrades of “Teague Sparrow” that Keith plays.

The story of Keith and his comrades get gather at the end of story was even planned, but it turned out due to the story and script issue.

The gorgeous casting called off and flashed to the bottom of ocean.

It is pity.

Band members play pirates don’t happen that often, it is very regrettable.

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