【tdr0517】The reason song by “Perfume” was used with “Cars 2”


When speaking of full computer graphic animation that hot red handsome racing care involve is “Cars”, right?

“Cars 2” was released after 5 years of releasing the first series in 2006. It is the first sequel films other than “Toy Story” for Pixar.

So, much effort were put into the film and the box office achieved $100 million more than the previous box office.

The “Cars 2” begin with main character McQueen” get invited to “World Grand Prix”.

This World Grand Prix took places in 4 countries such as “Japan (Tokyo)”, “France (Paris), “Italy (Porto Corsa)”, and “England (London).

Japan getting selected when there is many countries it is very delightful. And night before the race a party held in Tokyo. At this scene a song from Japanese female group singer plays.

The female group singer is “Perfume”.

It is three female who are familiar with creative techno music and robotic dance. The song that played during the film was “Polyrhythm” that was a hit in Japan.

By the way, this “Polyrhythm” was released 4 years before this film released, which was in 2007. So, why “Polyrhythm” was selected at that timing?

Production staff was planning to use music from Japan on the scene of party in Tokyo” from the first place.

Then one of the staff recommended “Perfume”.

The reason was so simple that staff was “fan of Perfume”.

So, he let the director John Lasseter to listen to “Polyrhythm” and he liked it, so it was selected quickly. It is used as insert song and going through a film called Cars spread “Perfume”.

If there was no “fan of Perfume” among the staff….then may be different song was used instead.

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