【tdr0493】Inside the “Oogie Boogie” is not insect from the first place?


“Nightmare Before Christmas” is released on October 29th 1993 in United States of America and October 15th 1994 in Japan.

It is a musical animated film that created by “Tim Burton” who is familiar with the director of “Edward Scissor Hands” or “Batman” that it is bit scary but cute and unique characters play active.

The film takes place at “Halloween Town”, which is scary and nightmare world.

The main character of his film “Jack Skellington” who is a popular person of “Halloween Town”.

And role of villain is “Oogie Boogie” who is an unpopular person of “Halloween Town”.

The position of main character and villain is totally opposite.

Anyway, speaking of villain “Oogie Boogie”, he is a ghost wearing sack, but inside him is created with several tens and thousands of insects.

Therefore, when the stitches of sack breaks the insect comes out and become a trouble, but the inside of him wasn’t planning to be full of insects from the first place.

The inside of the sack that was planed first was actually “Dr. Finklestein”.

He is a small doctor who sits on electric wheelchair that Sally who is the heroine of this film made. He is a very possessive person, so Sally dislikes him, but he plays active as a good side during the film.

The reason “Dr. Finklestein” was chosen to be inside “Oogie Boogie” is simply because element of surprise.

They had an idea of making the audience surprise by the development of “actually the person who people thought was in a good side was a mastermind”, but even how much staff put effort in it the ending becomes not so great, so this idea became rejected.

Even it was rejected don’t you get curious about the story of Dr. Finklestein inside version?

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