【tdr0484】112 hours for 1 frame? The untold production story of “Cars 2”


The first series was released in 2006 and the sequel “Cars 2” was released after 5 years.

For Pixar, the “Cars” is sequel film after “Toy Story” and “Cars 2” achieved box office of 100 million more than the previous series due to the support from the popularity of previous series and determination of production.

There is one scene that can be seen the strong determination of “Cars 2”.

That is the scene 2 cars crash the shop that seems like a bar. At bar counter there are cars enjoying drinking gasoline that poured into glass just like we drink alcohol. But the counter gets ruined by 2 cars crushing and glass falls and breaks.

It seems a scene with nothing special, but 112 hours (4 days and 16hours) were spent making one frame to visualized. Staff concentrated all the nerves and had hard time producing especially the way the counter breaks and if the glass is breaking naturally.

When it was completed the director John Lasseter said “it is beautifully done, but a bit strange” each and every staff got frozen.

When the director says “redraw” then staff would have to do whatever he says.

But nobody would want to make that efforts and hours come for nothing and there was no energy for it.

That’s how they are exhausted mentally and physically.

They took that as a joke and atmosphere become soften, but if it wasn’t a joke then I wonder if they could cope with that mental-wise.

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