【tdr0483】The hyperness of Genie is full of improvising?


The “genie in the lamp” that appears in Disney film “Aladdin”.

He is in a position of “genie in the lamp”, but people probably have stronger impression of being the life and soul of the film rather than the reason he is there for.

His cheerful talk, humorous jokes, moves his mouth easily as if he casts a spell with words that could able to bite his own tongue, and he is a genious with speaking that he never stop talking that doesn’t make a chance somebody else to speak, but he wasn’t created to be this cheerful character.

The reason Genie became this talkative is related to “Robin Williams” who is a voice actor of original language version.

Robin is an actor, but also a comedian from Chicago and famous for his “hyper acting”. When he was dubbing he fired his improvisation with his speaking ability that polished in his long career.

When that improvisation fails he would have to rerecord, but the wordplay that he did was accepted then became the restless Genie that you know.

By the way, “Koichi Yamadera” who is known as a man with many different voices did the voice actor for Japanese version of Aladdin.

Mr. Yamadera also did the dubbing with a lot of energy just like Robin Williams did that he arranged hugely by playing word.

If Robin Williams wasn’t the one who did the voice of Genie then may be his uniqueness and the funny thing about him reduced by half.

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